If you require specialised medical imaging and radiologist services near Glenroy, come and visit Vision Radiology. With clinics nearby in Coburg, Brunswick and Reservoir, our experienced, knowledgeable and personable radiologists, technicians and reception staff are here to assist you.

Prioritising your comfort, we offer expert medical consultations in a modern, welcoming setting. Vision Radiology Coburg, Brunswick and Reservoir clinics utilise the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment to perform precise medical imaging, CT scans, dental scans and general x-rays.


Ultrasounds for Glenroy Locals

Safe and free from radiation, Vision Radiology offers affordable, low-stress ultrasounds near Glenroy. Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to create images of soft tissues (e.g. muscles, glands) and organs inside the body (e.g. kidneys).

Vision Radiology offers ongoing ultrasounds, which generally take no longer than 30 minutes from start to finish. Please note that ultrasounds at our Coburg, Brunwick and Reservoir locations require a booking, and we advise that you make your booking weeks in advance.

If you currently require a ultrasound near Glenroy, please get in touch with either of our Coburg, Brunswick or Reservoir clinics today.

X-Ray Services near Glenroy

Vision Radiology offers general x-ray scans for Glenroy residents. An x-ray or ‘radiograph’ is a special image that generates 2D imaging to focus on specific problem areas of the body.

Vision Radiology is independent and non-corporate. As a result, we offer bulk billing options for general x-rays near Glenroy. Bulk billing is available for both Medicare Card holders and referral-based appointments.

For more information on x-rays in the Glenroy area, simply get in touch with any one of our friendly Coburg, Brunswick or Reservoir reception staff.

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