Vision Radiology offers high-quality medical imaging and scans near Fairfield. With clinics nearby in Thornbury, Heidelberg, Bulleen and Templestowe, we are an experienced group of radiologists, receptionists and technicians.

Vision Radiology proudly offers bulk billing options across our range of services. Fairfield locals can come and visit us in Thornbury or Bulleen for precise medical imaging, CT scans, ultrasounds, dental imaging, x-rays, MRI and more.

For any of the services listed above, contact your nearest Vision Radiology clinic in Thornbury, Heidelberg, Bulleen or Templestowe.


Specialised Ultrasounds near Fairfield

For professional pregnancy ultrasounds near Fairfield, come and visit Vision Radiology. Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to generate high-quality images of the body’s internal structures.

We offer state-of-the-art ultrasounds near Fairfield at our Thornbury, Heidelberg, Bulleen and Templestowe locations. Prioritising your comfort, our friendly team of sonographers calmly guide you through every step.

To ensure that you don’t miss out, we recommend that you make your ultrasound booking well in advance. For all ultrasound enquiries, please contact your nearest Vision Radiology clinic.

General X-Rays near Fairfield

In addition to medical imaging and pregnancy ultrasounds, Vision Radiology also offers high-quality x-ray scans near Fairfield. A general x-ray or radiograph focuses on a particular area of the body, creating valuable 2D imaging to identify any underlying issues.

We offer x-rays on referral, with bulk billing options available. If you need a simple and easy x-ray in Fairfield, simply pop into our clinics.

A basic X-ray does not require any special preparation and walk-ins are available at either clinic. Contact Vision Radiology Thornbury, Heidelberg, Bulleen or Templestowe today for all enquiries.