For specialised radiologists near Ballarat, come and visit our nearby clinic in Sebastopol. From complex imaging to scanning, ultrasounds, x-rays, and CT scans, our highly talented medical professionals are here to assist.

Vision Radiology operates as an independent, non-corporate medical practice. As a result, Ballarat residents receive affordable consultations, scans and care via our bulk billing system.

To schedule an appointment or to make any general enquiries, get in touch with Vision Radiology Sebastopol and our friendly staff will take care of you.


Ultrasounds for Ballarat Locals

Ultrasounds make use of a specialised handheld camera called a transducer. The Sonographer will place the transducer against your skin and gently move around the area we are imaging.

Vision Radiology conducts all ultrasounds with care, prioritising your comfort and wellbeing. We recommend that ultrasounds near Ballarat are made through our Sebastopol clinic and booked well in advance.

X-Ray Scans Near Ballarat

Vision Radiology conducts general x-rays near Ballarat for a wide range of purposes. Our Sebastopol clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art medical imaging technology designed to capture high-quality results.

Generally used to measure bone fractures and breaks, an x-ray generates 2D imaging that focuses on specific areas of the body. Each scan is completed within a short time span, with minimal patient preparation required.

Vision Radiology offers bulk billing options for the vast majority of x-rays near Ballarat and appointments are generally not required. Bulk billing is available for both Medicare Card holders as well as individuals with a referral.

For a simple, no-fuss x-ray, visit our Sebastopol clinic or speak to reception on (03) 4313 2117.

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